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George Galloway PERFECTLY tears apart von der Leyen and reveals EU 'scrambling' on Brexit

GEORGE GALLOWAY has ripped into EU chief Ursula von der Leyen as the former British MP explained why the EU was now "scrambling to catch up" to the UK for a trade deal.

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Hull fire: Man and girl, 8, killed in house after neighbour desperately tries to save pair

A devastating house fire in Hull has killed a man and an eight-year-old girl.

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Royal POLL: Should Prince Charles step aside and let William become King? VOTE HERE

CALLS are growing for Prince Charles to step aside and allow Prince William to become the next King - what do you think?

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'A bully and a liar!' John Bercow torn apart in ferocious attack by former Black Rod

JOHN Bercow is a "bully" and a "liar" who "brutalised" staff, the former Black Rod in the House of Commons has claimed, adding others were considering lodging complaints against the ex-Speaker.

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BBC shock: Emotional Jeremy Bowen reveals near-death incident that sparked stress disorder

AN EMOTIONAL Jeremy Bowen has opened up about his own traumatic experiences as a BBC reporter in war zones, after his colleague Feral Keane stepped down from his role as Africa editor citing an ongoing struggle with PTSD.

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